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Book A Comedy Night with The Laughing Factory, we can supply your venue with top quality Comedians for a laughter filled evening of stand-up comedy to suit all budgets.

We have hundreds of comedians on our database and endeavour to make the perfect line-up for every night of comedy by making sure that they offer diversity, originality and big laughs.

Our Comedy Nights have the potential to attract a new audience to your venue which could make a down night into an up night whilst providing you with new customers for other events.

Although theres no real standard format, most Comedy Nights generally have 3 to 4 acts, one of these will be The Compere who will speak between the acts, and holds the whole night together.

Each act (excluding The Compere) will perform a set of around twenty minutes although your Headliner will do 30-40 Minutes, a short break between acts or split the night into 1st half and 2nd half will allow the audience to refill their glasses, and make themselves comfortable, from start to finish your night should run for around 2 Hours.

We offer A3 Posters with every booking in order to make your Event a success and can supply Sound & Lighting for the evening if required.

We can book comedians for Parties, Private and Corporate Events or for Regular Comedy Nights at your Pub (suggest separate room), Club, Hotel, Bar, Night Club, Theatre, Arts Centre or just about anywhere that requires laughter....

Our Packages
If you are putting together a comedy night for a club, pub hotel or other venue then you might want to consider one of our package deals - this is a full evening of comedy put together by us, for you.

Most of these packages will consist of 3 acts and a compere - a show will usually last up to two and a half hours, with two intervals, prices are for public events.

If you have a private event or want to have different kind of line up please contact us to discuss and we'll go through the options.
Prices will vary depending on day of the week and location of the venue.

Comedy Club Show 400 - 850
This is a full evening of Comedy with 3 professional comedians and a professional Compere. The acts we use will be experienced circuit comedians. They are performing shows all over the UK and will provide your audience with a great night of entertainment.

Great Night Out 850 - 1600
A step up from the 'Comedy Club Show', with a mixture of circuit acts and top acts often with TV credits to their name - they may have had a spot on a TV panel show, won awards or be working on radio. All excellent professional acts that will put on a fantastic show.

Top Notch Comedy 1600 - 8,000
Depending on your budget and location, we can provide you with acts with a higher profile, and people that you will recognise and be thrilled to see in person. Acts often with many TV credits, and well-known comedy industry acts. These are not quite 'celebrities' but they are familiar faces. Depending on budget, this may be a mixture of top acts and circuit professionals.

You're a Celebrity - give me some Comedy! 3,000 - 20,000+
Costs for personal appearances from Celebrity acts can vary greatly depending on the event, time and location. Acts that are hosting their own TV shows will usually cost 15,000 or more. Celebrity acts that are regular faces on TV shows, filling theatres and generally well-known can vary from 2,000 per appearance to around 8,000 per appearance. Please enquire and we will arrange this for you.

Price Guide


Please contact us for a quote.

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What Else Should I Know

The fee quoted in the price guide is for a typical entry level show, great Comedians just emerging as future named acts, when planning your event we can build the acts to your own budget, our limitation is your budget and imagination

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Whats A Good Night For Comedy?

A) Weekend Nights Are Always The Best For Attracting Customers But In Most Cases These Nights Are Already Profitable. Choose A Quiet Night Where Theres Nothing Else To Do In The Area. Sunday Nights Can be Great For A Relaxed Comedy Night.

Q) How Much Could I Charge For Ticket's

A) Between 5 - 10 is a good price for tickets, this should see a good turn out but, however it does also depend on the size of your venue and the line up you book for the night.

Q) Can a Comedy Night work in a Pub

A) In our experience Comedy Nights are rarely successful in any situation where people do not pay to be part of the night, however we are happy to discuss individual requests.

Q) If we run regular Comedy Nights who makes sure that we have different acts

A) No problem, all acts that perform at the venues are held on our system and as such we can let you have details of those acts at any time.